Custom Classic Intentions Bracelet - from MyIntent

Custom Classic Intentions Bracelet - from MyIntent


What is MyIntent?  - MyIntent’s Mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action.


Chris Pan (founder) says this about MyIntent "We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. We are not a jewelry company - we are a service project."



For most of my adult life, I have struggled with staying positive & upbeat. Like many, I too suffer from anxiety and esteem issues.  I was never able to get into keeping a Journal, affirmations, or even Mindfulness for the longest time. I lived with my Mean Girl taking center stage on a daily basis. I found a mentor-ship in dealing with my Mean Girl, inspiration and help with affirmations & mindfulness, and MyIntent.


Finding MyIntent was Empowering, finally, someone who knew that I needed a daily reminder. It didn’t matter that they really didn’t know me personally. They understood that life is distracting and that wearing (or having near) a daily reminder of something that we are trying to manifest or actively work on was powerful. And that just by seeing it regularly we are more likely to activate it into our lives.


Our MyIntent pieces are great for keeping your "purpose" right in front of you. Each time I set a new goal - purpose - or focus I will make a new one.


MyIntent’s What’s Your WORD? the process is truly the perfect catalyst to start a meaningful conversation.  It is a way to share positivity & empowerment with those around you.


The Classic Bracelet is made of waxed nylon, all of our custom bracelets come to you on a MyIntent Artisan Card. Our tokens are blank on one side for your word of intent and have authentic MyIntent branding engraved on the back. 

Each card will include your why (if filled out) and be personally signed by me.  


With the custom option - I personally stamp your chosen word. While I am stamping your word I keep your story or why forefront in my mind and stamp your intention into your piece.