"Oh Shite" Spray - the "before you go"  Solution

"Oh Shite" Spray - the "before you go" Solution

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OMG!! What's that smell? That is something none of us want to hear after we have recently vacated the little girls/boys room.  We recommend our Oh Shite Spray before you go...


What is Oh Shite Spray? Our Oh Shite Spray is just like that other “poo” spray but better!! It offers an excellent way to eliminate those embarrassing odors coming from the bathroom.


Use it when you are at home with your family, on a date, at a party, in a public restroom, at work, or anywhere for that matter… any time you use it you can save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment from unpleasant bathroom odors.


Oh Shite Spray comes in a convenient 2 oz size. Perfect to store in your purse/briefcase or on top of the toilet. 


Shake well before each use. This is NOT perfume, it is toilet spray only. This is a highly concentrated fragrance solution. 


***Please note this is not a room spray, this is formulated for toilet use only.


*** Not for use on bedding or in litter boxes.