Heritage - All Natural Artisan Soap Bars

Heritage - All Natural Artisan Soap Bars


Each one of our Heritage soap batches is handcrafted, hand-poured, and hand-cut using high-quality natural ingredients. We have a master formulation that gets different additives based on the outcome we are looking for. 


We are changing up our labels this year and adding a new "tag" to our soaps that will fit into the following categories - 


  • Heritage - All-Natural batches
  • Signature - one of a kind or limited edition runs 
  • Classic - every day and always available


I do want to note that due to the nature of our formulations, we can't duplicate the exact coloration or pattern each time. Climate changes can also affect the outcome of soap. So although we follow the exact recipe each time a bar is made, bars can look different than what is shown in pictures. And although we try and keep bar shape, size, and weight the same each bar may vary slightly as curing time can cause bars to shrink.


  • For longer-lasting soap bars – we do not recommend allowing your bars of soap to sit in water. After use, make sure the area the soap rests is self-draining.

    All soaps containing natural colorants and clay could potentially stain light-colored washcloths. It is best to test a small area first or use a dark-colored washcloth.

  • Citrus Mojito -  This all-natural scent is a custom blend of 8 essential oils. You have citrus & mint in a combination that reminds you of the first sip of that Mojito. And when you shower with it first thing in the morning it is an eye-opener. You'll finish up your shower awake and fully refreshed.

    Scrubby Garden Bar - this one has a nice scrub to it. It is perfect for a gardener or a mechanic. It is a nice hard bar, with a fresh & clean scent. It has tons of creamy bubbles but rinses away clean.  And the combination of essential oils, plus added exfoliation helps to remove grease and grime.