Car Charms - Terra Cotta Clay Scent Diffusers

Car Charms - Terra Cotta Clay Scent Diffusers

What's a Car Charm?


Have you ever wished that you could tailor the air freshener in your car, to a scent you liked? Or fill your car with a favorite smell, and be able to adjust the strength? Now you can with our Car Charms.


It is a terra cotta clay diffusing charm. It can be used in your car, office or home. Add drops of your preferred scent to the car charms until it is the strength you wish and you can refill at need. You can use Essential Oils or Fragrance oils of your choice. Choose any scent that fits the occasion. Use calming scents on a Road trip, citrus for sweaty sports days, something sensual for a night on the town. With our car charms, all of that is possible.


Want the scent lighter? No problem- try fewer drops. Want it stronger - add more.


Changing the scent daily is not a problem. The clay is porous enough to accept, and disperse smells quickly. As long as you don't soak the clay in scent, you can change it as often as you like.


We make all of our charms with a high-quality terra cotta clay. They are then air-dried, sealed on the front with a high gloss spray. The back of the charm is left uncoated so you can add your preferred scent. Essential oils and/or fragrance oils can be utilized on the charm.


The design on the charm, string color, and bead choice are totally random.

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