What is a “brain dump” you ask.

A brain dump is when you take all of the ideas, tasks, worries, thoughts, etc, that are running around in your head and “dump” them onto paper. The point is to get it all out of your head, and stop the stress or anxiety they cause; just writing them down can help you feel less buried and overwhelmed!

I learned this particular technique from a blog that I used to follow Let's Live and Learn. She calls it her Top 3 - Easy 3 - Next 3 Brain Dump, however she just uses a notebook page and sticky notes.

I designed this printable page for myself based on her approach. And now I am sharing it with you.   On the first side I do my “brain dump”- and then in the labeled section, it is broken down into the following categories: top three, easy three, and next three. 

“Top three”= tasks that have a deadline, or need to be done in order for me to complete other tasks on my list.
“Easy three” = tasks that can be done quickly and help me gain momentum on those days that I don't feel motivated.

“Next three” = tasks that I need to accomplish after the others are complete.

Brain Dump Printable