Scoopable Wax

At FaeLight Market we offer the highest quality scoopable wax with a strong scent throw!  We use a personal blend of three types of wax for durability and scent. You can customize and transform any room with any one of our handpicked scents. 
Ready for you to scoop your desired amount into your warmer, then sit back and enjoy the wonderful aroma. Each batch is created by hand, and on occasion, we even custom blend a scent. You can use any of our scoopable wax to fill your home with fragrance. Even mixing and matching to create your own unique scent.
  • Wax Melt Policy - 

    We stand behind the high quality of our wax melts. If your wax warmer is functioning properly, then we can guarantee the strong scent in our melts. We have hand-poured these for you, as such, they are a homemade product. Color and melt patterns may vary by use. Our wax melts contain at least double the scent for your enjoyment.

    - You may not return your wax melts just because the fragrance is not to your liking. Mix one or more of our other scents with it and create your own unique scent combination.

    - You may not return the wax melts just because the wax color is not to your liking, color batches will vary and this is not considered defective.