For the Bearded Man

For the Bearded Man


Here we have all the essentials for those with beards. Balms are leave-in conditioners for your beard. They moisturize, condition, soften and help in styling your beard. They provide less sheen and more lasting control, while oil is moisturizing and conditioning. They are both an important part of your overall skincare regime.


Beard Balm - Our beard balm contains shea butter for softening and moisturizing, avocado & argan oil for conditioning and for growth, and unprocessed (but filtered) beeswax for sealing in moisture.


Beard Oil - Our beard oil is skin conditioning and beard softening. It is made with skin-loving oils combined with essential oils. Beard oil is only one of your tools in the overall health of your face & beard, it is the easy step of your overall daily maintenance.


Beard & Mustache Comb -  This natural comb measures less than 3.5" in length, about the size of a credit card. It has a medium-sized tooth. It is constructed from one single piece of wood. And it can easily fit into most wallets. Made in the US from boxwood, and is fragrance-free.

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