African Black Soap

African Black Soap

Did you know that African Black Soap is just amazing for your body? Our African Black Soap comes straight from Ghana and is made traditionally by African women following the same family recipes for centuries. As this is imported we have limited availablility on this product until we can arange for more to be shipped. 


African Black Soap has so many benefits - below are few

  • Known to be a superb facial cleanser - deeply cleansing pores & purifying skin, removing dirt and stale oils. (Which makes it a great cleanser for both sensitive and acne prone skin) 
  • Known to be effective at treating troubled skin (ezcema & psoriasis).
  • Known to help to heal blemishes and treat fungal infections.
  • Known to soothe razor bumps and minimize wrinkles.
  • And... you can use it as a natural shampoo ( I have not tried this personally).


As a natural product out of Africa, it can build up what is called soda ash (caused by the cocoa pod ash used in the traditional recipes). This discoloration (while unappealing looking) is harmless and can be washed off. 





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