The FaeLight Name and how it came to be...

I am going to tell you a story, a story about how we got our name. I was having a really hard time coming up with a name for the prospective business. At that point, the business was an idea, a glimmer. I wanted a name that meant something to me, but it had to have a personality. I knew where I wanted the idea of the name to come from... but it was hard.

I had played with name generators, tinkered with this & that, but I didn't like any of them. I thought up a bunch of names, wrote them down. I hopped online to research them, and most of them were out there in some form or another. I had written down FaeLight in the margin at one point, as it alluded to where I wanted the name to lead. My son told me that FaeLight was more ME than some of the other names that I had written down, and IT kept drawing me back. So we decided to use it and go from there, but the question was what do we use for the rest of the name. FaeLight alone was kind of vague. Should we use Soap Works? Bath & Body? Emporium? Or should we just go with the term market?

I thought to myself, if we use the term market, I would be able to add more of my craft addictions down the line... About a year in, the idea of rebranding to FaeLight Naturals kept popping into my head, and now in 2020, the skincare portion of the business will carry that on the label.

Originally FaeLight was intended to be a shop where I could share my many passions of crafting. Oh heck, who am I kidding, I am a crafting addict. and now I have added a Cricut into the mix. But I tinker in many forms - I totally get enjoyment out of the creative process, I play with knitting looms, create unique jewelry, get elbow deep in mixing scents for wax melts, tinker in home decor, as well as the formulating soaps & skincare. My personal favorite are the bath products.

People keep telling me that I should focus on one style of product (or open more shops) so as to not confuse you the consumer. Who knows, we may have more shops in the future, for now, they will be categories on the website and have Facebook pages of their own.

Anyhow, I completely got off track for a second... Sorry.

Back to the story of FaeLight ~ Ever since I was a little bit, I have always believed, and love the idea of the “other”. The paranormal, the mythical, in fantasy. And to this day, I firmly believe that "others" are out there. There are too many things that we can't explain in this world. And to be honest, I believe in those myths & fairytales, and the idea or possibility has intrigued me and always drawn me in. I believe in God, however, I also believe in goddesses.

I do believe in the things that go BUMP in the night ~ Vampires, Shifters, Gnomes, Elves & Faeries.

I believe in the idea of other worlds, parallel dimensions, the glimmer and spark of magic.

And this belief is where FaeLight is born. Simply put, to me FaeLight is Magic, it is the innate magic of Faerie. Born in the essence of nature. It’s light, in a multitude of colors. It is completely earth-based & natural. No definition of dark or light, and there is no visible source, it simply... Is.

The video is the short version.