What We Do -

We bring you the Magic of Nature in Skincare.

FaeLight Market is a handcrafted small-batch skincare boutique that specializes in products for individuals with sensitive or troubled skin, we share natural-based products, and knowledge empowering you so you can achieve your best self - skin first.

We are a small family business, made up of forward-thinkers with creative minds, the drive to constantly create products that are better for you, your health, and the environment. 

Our online store and our products have become known for quality, and we try to ensure a variety of products that will fit into any budget. We promise to provide you with ~ our natural-based products, exceptional customer service, and best of all, shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Homemade Natural Soap

Take Control

of your Skincare

We understand that skincare isn’t “one size fits all”, and even though you may have oily skin, what has worked for others with the same skin type might not work for you!

And so we try to carry a range of products for all those different skin types. If you discover that you like a product, but maybe aren't partial to the scent... message me we do take custom orders.

Quality Ingredients

We choose only the best botanical and fruit extracts, raw materials, organic oils, and pure essential oils for our formulations.


Our materials are packed with antioxidant properties, minerals, and vitamins, making your skincare simple, yet highly effective.

Our Values

  • All of our formulations are Cruelty-free, none are tested on our furry friends!

  • I am passionate about creating effective skincare for everyone and helping people solve skincare issues.

  • I believe beauty comes from the inside! I want to empower you (my customer) to embrace and feel confident in your own skin!


  • I preserve the integrity of FaeLight Market by using highly effective ingredients while doing all I can to help sustain our Earth.